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These resources are focused on issues related to the founding of the United States. They are important to intercessors who want to explore and "re-dig the spiritual wells" that were evident in the early days of this nation.
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Heritage of Character
Heritage of Character
Our Price: $9.99

Our founding fathers knew the importance of good character. They understood that our Constitution would only be successful if we had a country of moral people. In this 8 week (three day a week) interactive devotional, IFA President David Kubal shares powerful truths from both the founding of our nation and the Bible that will develop character in your children or those with whom you do this devotional.
US Constitution
The Constitution of the United States
Our Price: $6.99

This booklet includes the Constitution of the United States along with Index and The Declaration of Independence.
Prayers that Changed History
Prayers That Changed History
Our Price: $12.99

This book includes the stories of 25 notable people along with the major prayer that changed their lives, and changed history.